Can Be Monitored By: Relations or friends Mobiles, 000 or a Medical Monitoring Call Centre

Introducing the ‘Life Minder’ that works anywhere – not just at home.

When the SOS button is pressed the ‘Life Minder’ contacts up to 5 pre-programmed mobile phones, by SMS giving the reason for the call and GPS location, via Google Maps. The first number programmed is also called to enable a clear two-way voice conversation, or can be used to call 000.

The ‘Life Minder’ is water resistant (IP67) and can be worn in the shower.

It can be attached to a belt, a neck lanyard or simply clipped onto a key ring. It operates similarly to a standard mobile phone but without the many features that confuse the elderly. It operates on the 3G GSM network which covers 98.5% of the Population of Australia. The ‘Life Minder’ was awarded the Reddot reddot award in 2015, it is German designed with Swiss precision GPS technology.

Fall Detection

The ‘Life Minder’ automatically detects a fall and sends the pre-programmed mobile phones a ‘Fall Alert’ SMS, giving location of the Wearer, via Google Maps. The first number programmed is also called to enable a clear two-way voice conversation. The Carer can take charge of the situation by attending the site, or calling an ambulance for assistance.


The ‘Life Minder’ is a must for people living with Dementia.
Program a GEO fence around a safe zone, and the ‘Life Minder’ will alert the pre-programmed mobile phones, by SMS if the Wearer wanders from the programmed area. The wearer can simply be tracked for their location by sending a loc SMS to the tracker for its location.


The ‘Life Minder’ is perfect for people who want to retain their independence while feeling safe, wherever they are – not just at home. The Wearer can go wherever they want knowing they can be located, or in an emergency the ‘Life Minder’ will alert Carers of a possible need of assistance. There is no need to carry a mobile phone.

Personal Safety

People who work alone, such as home delivery, tradespeople, tree loppers and people in remote locations, etc, are vulnerable to the exposure of accidents or even dangers from third parties.
Our children are our most precious gift. The ‘Life Minder’ can keep you informed of their whereabouts, via Google maps, when requested to do so.

Sensing what matters

Sixty percent of falls occur at home

Older people are at an increased risk because normal ageing often involves worsening balance, eyesight, muscle tone & slower reactions.

Getting help after a fall

Getting help after an immobilizing fall improves the chance of survival by 80% and increases the likelihood of a return to independent living. The ‘Life Minder’….