Operates via the 4G - GX network that covers 95.8% of Australia's population


Relations or friends mobile, 000 or a medical monitoring call centre

Fall Detection

Fall Detection

When a fall is automatically detected. The Life Minder sends a SMS message to all programmed mobile numbers, followed by a clear voice phone call



Perfect for people who want to retain independence while feeling safe, wherever they are



Program a security GEO fence around the home The Life Minder will send an alarm when the programmed distance has been crossed. Any of the mobiles can follow the Life Minder where it is

Personal Safety

Personal Safety

People who work alone are vulnerable to the exposure of accidents or even dangers from third parties

Why Life Minder

When the SOS button is pressed the ‘Life Minder’ contacts up to 8 pre-programmed mobile phones, by SMS giving the reason for the call and GPS location, via Google Maps.

The programmed numbers are automatically called and the first to answer will have a clear two-way voice conversation. It can be used to call 000 or our Medical Monitoring Centre. The ‘Life Minder’ is water resistant

It can be attached to a belt, a neck lanyard or simply clipped onto a key ring. It operates similarly to a standard mobile phone but without the many features that confuse the elderly. It operates on the 4G Gx network which covers 98.5% of the Population of Australia. The Life Minder is manufactured by TopLovo, a world leader in manufacturing precision GPS and GSM personal location and monitoring equipment since 2004 Their quality control ensures the safety of our clients.

Life Minder

Introducing the ‘Life Minder’ that works anywhere – not just at home

Sixty Percent Of Falls Occur At Home

Older people are at an increased risk because normal ageing often involves worsening balance, eyesight, muscle tone & slower reactions.

Getting Help After A Fall

Getting help after an immobilizing fall improves the chance of survival by 80% and increases the likelihood of a return to independent living.

Life Minder

Main Features

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Sleek Modern Design

A true combination of style & technology.

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Simple Command & User Friendly

Simple SMS commands & not case sensitive.

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Two Way Voice Communication

To be able to talk to the one you care about.

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Fall Detection - Elderly, Patient or Child

A simple fall may have devasting consequences.

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Mobile Applications

Download the "Life Minder" app on your smartphone.

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Perfect For Tracking

Elderly, Teens, Children, Patients, Travellers, Employees.

LOok After your Loved Ones

Introducing ‘Life Minder’ that works anywhere – not just at home.

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