Emergency Pendants Alarms For The Elderly in Australia

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As our loved ones got older, we wanted to be with them 24/7 to ensure their safety, but we could not. Good thing there is Life Minders! It is a pendant alarm for the elder that can be monitored by relatives or friends mobile, 000 or a medical monitoring call centre to ensure the user’s safety at all times.

Pendant Alarms For The Elderly

If you are looking for an emergency call button for the elderly that can work as a fall detector pendant, you are looking at the right place. The Life Minder can work as a pendant alarm for the elderly. In addition, you can have it programmed to the user’s needs. Here are our programs for the Life Minder users:
  • Fall Detection: this feature is vital for the frail and aged. Once fall is automatically detected, it will send an alert SMS to all pre-programmed contacts.
  • Independence: The user can freely go anywhere, knowing that the user can always be located if any emergency happens. The Life Minder can be activated anytime help is needed.
  • Dementia: You can set a GEOfence at home, and once this is crossed, it will automatically alert the Carers. The users can constantly be monitored by their loved ones via Google Maps.
  • Personal Safety: This feature is perfect for young children or people living and working alone to be used for personal safety measures. Life Minder is usually used as emergency pendants for the elderly, but it can also be an emergency pendant for anyone who wants to feel safe.
Use the Life Minder to provide safety to your loved ones. It can give you some peace of mind knowing that there can be immediate action once an emergency happens. It is the perfect emergency alarm for seniors and children.

Why Life Minder

Life Minder gets the job done as an emergency pendant for seniors. It is tested and proven to work anywhere and not just at home. Here are Life Minder’s main features as to why it is the perfect pendant alarm for the elderly:
  • Sleek Modern Design: It is a design combined with great technology that can be suitable for everyone.
  • Simple Command & User Friendly: Simple SMS commands are used and not case sensitive than anyone and everyone can use.
  • Two-Way Voice Communication: You can talk to your loved ones.
  • Fall Detection: A simple fall can have serious consequences. It is better to know once this happens and take immediate action.
  • Mobile Application: You can download the “Life Minder” app on your smartphone.
  • Perfect For Tracking: It is suitable for tracking the elderly but can also be for children, patients, travellers, and employees.

Common FAQs

Once the SOS button is pressed, eight pre-programmed mobile phones will receive a call. They will also receive an SMS stating the reason for the can and a GPS location. Whether it is a fall detection or to detect if they crossed a certain distance, Life Minder is the perfect SOS pendant for the elderly.

If you are looking for alarm pendants for elderly Australia, you can visit the Life Minder shop online to get one for your loved ones.

Yes, it can be your fall detector pendant. When the Life Minder automatically detects a fall, it will immediately send an SMS message to all pre-programmed mobile phones followed by a clear voice phone call.

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Make your loved ones feel safe even at home with Life Minder. You can get pendant alarms for the elderly or your young kids. Visit us online and get in touch with us! You can also contact us via mobile at 0414 492 222 or telephone at 1800 684 422. We are located at PO Box 443, Nelson Bay NSW 2315. 

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