Fall Detection. The ‘Life Minder’ automatically detects a fall and contacts pre-programmed numbers sending ‘Falls Alert’ SMS and GPS location using Google maps, and enables hands-free two-way conversation. This feature is vital for the Frail and Aged, and those living with Epilepsy, the activation depends on the height and angle of the fall, if a beep is not heard press the SOS button.

Dementia. Set a GEO fence around the home. The ‘Life Minder’ will alert Carers if the User leaves the programmed area. The Users location can be monitored using Google maps.

Independence. Retain independence while feeling safe wherever you are – not just at home. The User can go anywhere, knowing they can be located should an emergency occur. The ‘Life Minder’ can be activated if help is required.

Personal Safety. People working alone (Home delivery, Tradespeople, Farmers, etc) are vulnerable. Be found if a situation should arise. Our children are our most precious gift. The Medical GPS Smart Tracker can keep you informed of their location, via Google maps.

The ‘Life Minder’ is water resistant (IP67) and can be worn in the shower.

It can be attached to a belt, a neck lanyard or clipped onto a key ring. It operates like a standard mobile phone, without the confusing extras.

The ‘Life Minder’ requires the sim card to be in credit to enable communication. It operates on the 3G – GSM network which covers 98.5% of the Australian population.

The ‘Life Minder’ was awarded the Reddot reddot award in 2015, it is German designed with Swiss precision GPS technology.

The ‘Life Minder’ for Carers

The ‘Life Minder’: USER
The Receiver of the calls: Carer
Carers require a smart phone to operate The ‘Life Minder’

  • The ‘Life Minder’ is programmed to suit the individual needs of the User. This can be updated at any time.
  • When an alert is initiated from The ‘Life Minder’ it will send a SMS message to all Carers programmed numbers. The first number programmed is the main number and will be called first.
  • The SMS message will give the reason for the alert, such as “Help” “Fall” or “GEO Alert”
  • When an alert is received, the Carers can press on the google map and obtain the GPS coordinates and location of the User. If a fall is detected the main number will also receive a telephone call and can hold a handsfree conversation with the User. The other numbers will receive only the SMS message.
  • Any of the Carers can send SMS location request to The ‘Life Minder’. It will reply with SMS that allows access to Google maps for the location of the User
  • The ‘Life Minder’ sends the Carer a low battery message, advising that recharge is required. It is advisable to have The ‘Life Minder’ placed in the docking station each night while in bed.
  • A user manual is provided to give more detail of The ‘Life Minder’.
  • No ongoing subscriptions or contracts required.