Elder Fall Detection System: Why Is It a Great Device For a Senior Citizen?

Falling is one of the most dangerous things that may happen to an elderly person. The development of fall detection systems is critical in light of the ever-increasing elderly population. Human-computer interaction via sensor fusion has been viewed as an effective technique to handle the problem of fall detection, thanks to the rapid growth of sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Life Minder has researched geriatric fall detection using sensor networks and IoT and how it can benefit the elderly but also keep the near and dear ones in a relaxed state of mind. Falls in the elderly are a major cause for concern not only for their loved ones but also for the health care system. Injuries resulting from falls have cost the health system more than any single injury. This also puts a certain amount of pressure on aged-care systems.

Fall detection devices for seniors helps one in detecting the fall of the elderly; it is not only a preventive measure against the fall-induced injury but also helps the elderly person in detecting the sudden fall owing to barriers or risky settings (e.g., slanting or irregular ground or terrain). The kinematics of falls are also influenced by the subject’s age and gender.

The best way to deal with this is by investing in fall detection devices for seniors. Life Minder is a safety personal alarm that is attached to a lanyard and can be worn around the neck serving as a fall detector pendant or it can be attached to a key ring, etc. 

Here are a few benefits of providing your elderly family member with a fall detection device: 

  • It’s Affordable: 

Investing in an elderly fall alarm can not only keep you informed about your loved one but also save a lot of money that would be spent on medical bills. Assisted living centres, retirement homes, etc anyway cost a big chunk. This device ensures that your elderly person has emergency care right around the corner, around the clock in an affordable way. 

  • Independence:

As people get older, they start feeling embarrassed about needing someone all the time. We all know that elderly people after a point are as good as toddlers when it comes to being stubborn. Some of them may even refuse assistance to maintain their dignity and stay independent. The Life Minder is an ideal choice to give them their space while also making sure that if the need arises, they will be provided with help and care as soon as it is needed. 

  • Access to Trained Professionals: 

These emergency pendants for elderly people are designed to be as good as carrying a mobile but without any confusing features, that old people always struggle with. This fall care device has an emergency call button for the elderly installed. When this button is pushed, the Life Minder sends alert texts and the location to 8 pre-programmed numbers. The elderly can also call 000 or our Medical Monitoring Centre for assistance and our trained professionals will be sure to assist them. 

  • A Stress-Free Mind: 

These alarm pendants for elderly Australia help you and your loved ones live tension free. Leaving your parents or grandparents alone is no longer an issue with this automation device. Even if they’re in an assisted living facility, you will be well informed of what happens to them. And no matter what, they will always be provided with professional help. 

  • Highly Functional and Easy to Use: 

These fall detection devices are highly functional as they are waterproof and can be worn while taking a bath or in the pool. They also have a GPS that helps people to find them easily. It is easy to operate for senior citizens as all they have to do is press the SOS button in their time of need. 

The Life Minder is one of the best fall detection devices available in the market today. Every user of the Life Minder can get in touch with the Medical Monitoring Center through their device if they need assistance. The device also sends alerts if someone is entering a dangerous area. For falls and other diseases, this device makes everyday challenges a little less scary for the elderly. It can also give them a sense of independence that can improve their quality of life. 

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